Preparing for Pentecost

For 10 days Jesus’s disciples dedicated themselves to the Word and to prayer. Through this time, Jesus strengthened them individually and corporately, preparing them for the day Holy Spirit would be poured out upon them. Following their example, let us too take time to strengthen our relationship with the Lord and with one another.

  • Monday: Declutter

    Pray for God to remove distractions and to prepare you for this coming week and further in the future. Take this time to seek forgiveness and to listen to Him.


  • Tuesday: Preparation

    Ask God to meet with you today in a special way. Ask Him to teach and reveal His path for your life. 

  • Wednesday: Your Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria 

    Ask God to protect your family & friends and to reveal Himself to them. Say a silent prayer everywhere you go (your home, in your car, at work, in your community, etc.) asking for His presence to reign everywhere you go.


  • thursday: Send Me!

    Ask God to use you today. Ask Him to point out one person who needs to hear about His loving Grace today.


  • Friday: Fulfillment

    Pray God shows up and fulfills His promises in your life, the lives of your family and friends, and in the life of the one you shared His gospel to. Pray His Word is fulfilled!


  • Saturday: Thanksgiving

    Take a step back and Thank God for all He has done for you this week and how He has used you. Make sure to take a moment to listen too.


Schedule for Pentecost 2020

Everyone is invited to celebrate the Goodness of God

and all He has done for us. 

                                                  10:30am– Worship Service

                                                  3:00pm–   Baptism Service

                                                                  Fellowship and Community Celebration will begin

                                                           with a Baptismal Service at Pastor David Thomson’s

                                                           pond located beside the church woods.

                                                   4:00pm–   Family Fun

                                                                   A time of fellowship with dinner provided. 

                                                            Feel free to fellowship as long as you would like!

                                                                   Activities Include:

                                                                         - Corn Hole, Volleyball, Bingo, Kids Movies, 

                                                                    Camp Fire, and more. 


Dinner Menu:


 Potato side dish

 Green Beans


*Bottled Water will be provided.

**Bring your own S'more Supplies